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Strategic partner

Strategic partner
Shenzhen QKing Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen QKing Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which integrates research, development, production and sales of polymer materials. Continuous innovation, through continuous efforts, won the trust and praise of the vast number of new and old customers, the company has also made considerable progress and development.detailed
This innovation has risen to national strategy proposition for China organic sil...
LED lamps, LED display as an energy-efficient lighting equipment has gradually c...
SMD LED with the recent market for the future status and are expected, the marke...
International certification: has passed ISO9001 (2008) system certification
Company certification is sound: the company has passed ISO9001 (2008) international quality management system.
Authentication. All the products were tested by SGS and met the requirements of RoHS environmental protection.
High temperature resistance: in the environment of -40~200 for long-term use
High temperature resistance: long-term use in - 40 ~ 200 degrees environment, no yellowing, no hardening, no embrittlement, no carbonization, etc. LED sericin products in 300 degrees environment damage 5 small inlet, colloid does not crack, LED filament packaging manufacturers unanimously affirmed.
Anti moisture absorption: provide good sealing of beads
Good anti sulphur and moisture absorption: compact molecular structure, providing good for the upper part of lamp beads.
Sealing, effectively prevent the air from water vapor, corrosive gas through the top of the beads to infiltrate. It penetrated into
the interior of the lamp, causing damage to components such as gold wires and chips.
Convenient operation: can be adjusted according to customer's requirements
Easy operation, smooth: glue mixing simple, according to customer requirements on the viscosity of glue flexible adjustment, so that customers can directly mix use, no need to make secondary adjustments, glue in dispensing use fluent, ensure production efficiency.
Strong R & D team: high degree graduate Engineer
R & D team is strong: our company has 3 graduate students, professional R & D engineers, More than 10 years experience
of 5 R & D engineers, can quickly produce according to customer
requirements. Product improvement, experience and team coordination.
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